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Homenavarrow Bath, Body & Beauty Recipes

Bath & Beauty Recipes

These are all homemade recipes you can make for yourself at home, or make for gifts. Also see out Romance Recipes for more romantic themed recipes for Valentine's Day.

Make your own rose water instead of buying synthetic rose water
Cure your chocolate cravings with this mask instead
A great exfoliant for all the coffee lovers
If you love fruity martinis, then you will love this toner
A fresh fruit mask that smells good enough to eat!
Remember your favorite beach holidays with this great bath scrub recipe
Pretend you are relaxing in Hawaii with this one!
Tropical scent in a bath salt version
The cononut smell makes this one a favorite
One for the white chocolate lovers
A great mask to use when you are using pumpkin for Hallowe'en or Thanksgiving
A perfect recipe to unwind both kids and the moms!
The most relaxing bath salts for the whole family
Mango bubble bath with a fun twist
A great moisturizing bath
A great bath treat for peppermint lovers
Use this to keep your face moisturized without greasy lotions
Is your hair dry from the winter? Here is an easy fix with ingredients you have at home.
Want straight hair without the expense or chemicals? This recipe is for you!
Soak up the chocolate in this luxurious bubble bath
Love coffee? You will love this sugar scrub!
Enjoy chocolate without the calories with this lip balm
A fabulous chocolate lip balm made with white chocolate
Another great detox bath recipe
Another great detox bath recipe
Another great detox bath recipe
A great wintertime bath salt recipe, also perfect for gifts.
Bath recipe using fresh herbs for the ultimate herbal bath experience
Perfect for the Lost fan!
Sex and the City inspired bath salts
Green apple scent
Peach bellini bath salts
Bring the scent of margaritas to your bath
Pretend you are soaking at the beach with this fun bath salt recipe
Pretend you are soaking at the beach with this fun bath salt recipe
When you have a stuffy or runny nose, use this bath recipe
Create this natural peppermint skin toner
A soothing bath of lavender
Make your own bath beads
Embed objects in this bubble bath
A nice gentle scent for those who don't like floral or citrus baths!
Girls love this recipe!
Solid massage oil to avoid the liquid massage oil mess!
Natural sea salt rub for exfoiliating
Keep your hands in tip top shape with this treatment
Treat your hair with this easy recipe rather than buying it at the store
Help treat tangled hair with this easy detangler
Use this facial to cleanse your pores
Use this natural herbal hair rinse
An easy milk facial recipe with relaxing chamomile
Treat your tootsies with this refreshing recipe
A nicely scented bath with honey and vanilla
A great cherry scented bubble bath recipe
Make this great combination into a bubble bath
My favorite bath recipe... crisp green apple!
Make this great combination into a bubble bath
Why wait til Christmas? Make mandarin orange bubbles now!
Popular bubble bath recipe for the little girls in your family
How to make liquid soap from regular bar soap
Make bathtime fun for the kids with finger paints that clean them too!
Make your own bath bags filled with green tea leaves
Remove your makeup with this gentle remover
Remove your body hair with this natural body sugaring recipe
Use this natural bath to help detoxify your body
Make your own bath mitt you can wash easily and matches your bathroom
A great deodorant recipe for those who don't want commercial deodorant
Solves problems with rough and hard cuticles
Get rid of the stains on your fingernails
A nice citrusy lemon sugar scrub for your body
Sleepytime milk bath to make at home
Great body exfoiliator
If you have problems with migraines, try this easy recipe for drug-free relief
Try this herbal remedy for dandruff before buying costly dandruff shampoos
A soothing peppermint migraine helper recipe


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