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Household Cleaners Recipes

Just because you have a limited home decor budget doesn't mean your house has to look it. Moms Budget has plenty of advice to decorate on a budget while looking great.


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This super easy recipe will leave your chrome taps clean and sparkly in no time!
Get your oven clean without using harsh chemical laden oven cleaners
Use this soft scrub cleaner on surfaces that could get scratched by abraisive cleaners
More Febreze recipes you can make at home
Love the handy wipes but hate the price? Make them yourself.
How you can make these expensive silver cleaning cloths right at home
Make your own non-abrasive cleaner
Make your own liquid laundry detergent to save money
Make your own dishwasher detergent to save money
Make your own economical version of the popular Febreze
Sparkling clean oven without the chemicals in commercial cleaners
A special formula recipe for those icky bathroom tile areas
Make your own stainless steel polish for cleaning everything stainless
This cleaner also combats bacteria in your bathroom
Why buy the machine when you can make the spray yourself? No rinsing needed!
Keep your carpets smelling fresh
Perfect for any mechanics in your family
Deodorize with the scent of vanilla
Remove stains from your porcelain sink
Remove the white lime sediment from teakettles
Remove harder stains with this grout cleaner solution
Remove stains from ceramic tile with this solution
A nice all-purpose cleaner for many types of metal surfaces
Clean the grout with this easy cleaner
Recipe for a stainless steel cleaner
Make your own version of pine sol
An easy recipe for cleaning ceramic tile
Make your own spray starch solution for pennies
An aromatherapy cleaner you can make, and create your own scent!
Make your own flypaper to catch insects rather than buying expensive ones
For all your extra stubborn clothing stains
A simple yet effective laundry detergent
Never buy those tiny yet expensive bottles again
Makes your house smell refreshed
A window cleaner that costs mere pennies
Takes care of those less-than-pretty areas
Keep your Christmas tree fresher longer than using plain water


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