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Homenavarrow Cleaning Tips & Advice

Thrifty Cleaning Tips & Hints

Don't forget to visit our homemade cleaners recipe database!

If you aren't careful you could actually make the stain worse
How to find out if you are wasting dishwashing detergent in your dishwasher
Ever accidentily bumped the wall with the vacuum? Here is how to prevent the marks
Do you have a stinky mattress? Here is how to get it smelling fresh again
Have you ever checked the filter? Prepare to be grossed out!
Don't want to take down curtains to clean them? Try this!
Did your kids end up bringing the beach to your carpet? Here's how to get it out
Here's how to remove cat and dog hair from your furniture
Why toss dull scissors or pay for expensive sharpening. Here's how.
Have salt stains on your carpet in cold weather? Here's how to remove salt stains.
Does your oven smell bad? Here's some fixes
Save money by making those bath toys that have gotten all mildewy like new again.
Does it save you money? We do the math for you.
Streamline your dish washing process with these tips
These can be tricky to get perfectly clean.
This will get even the ickiest microwave sparkling clean once again
Is your sink drain smelling bad? How to get it smelling fresh once again
Has your dishwasher started to smell funky? Here's help!
Has your dishwasher started to smell funky? Here's help!
Here's another way to remove candle wax, this time from a tablecloth
A cranberry sauce stain can be as bad as red wine. Here is how to remove it.
Does your fireplace smell like wet ashes? How to get rid of the icky smell
Hate washing your wooden blinds? Here is an easier way to do it.
Mirrors or glass damaged by heavy smokers? Here's the fix
What to do with them so they don't end up in the landfill
Removing vaseline from hair the easiest way
Did you forget to put a mat down before placing a hot casserole on the table?
If your guests didn't use coasters, here is how to remove the telltale water stains
Refill Swiffer Wetjet cleaning bottles with your own less expensive floor cleaner
If you have wrapping paper cluttering the house, here is how to store it properly
An easy way to use less and keep from wasting money on expensive soap
Remove those pesky black mildew stains from aroiund your windows
Removal help for stubborn stains on mattresses.
Making cleaners yourself can free up extra money each month.
You will be shocked to know how much dirt and worse is hiding in them Don't cause cross contamination with meats, here is how to disinfect by hand How to get rid of pesky fruit flies once and for all, without chemicals! Prevent mercury exposure by cleaning up CFLs properly Not sure how to get your sink really clean? Here's how! Get those rubber duckies clean and germ free Do you have a book that smells? Fix it here Don't throw out those bottles or mugs, remove the smell instead Here is how to remove those pesky spaghetti & tomato sauce stains from clothes If you have ever used super adhesive super glue, you probably need this! Here is how to clean the dirt and grime from window screens Remove mold and mold stains from your hardwood flooring Lucky enough to have granite countertops? Here is how to clean it Plaster walls attract dirt like no other. Here is how to clean them properly Unclog metal and plastic shower heads with these recipes How to clean suede clothing or items when dry cleaning isn't immediately an option How to clean & remove tarnish from your favorite copper pots & pans Curtains are a gathering place for a ton of dust, here's how to clean them. Keep your child's stuffed toys allergen free, with no washing required! Keep your pillows allergen-free by washing and cleaning them at home. Stop dust from being attracted to TVs and glass. Remove static electricity from your carpets so they stop electric shock What to do when you have accidentily bleached something you shouldn't have Easily remove the dents left by heavy furniture on your carpet Permanent marker was used on your dry erase boards- here's how to remove it! You can permanently damage your LCD screen with the wrong products How to get those bug bodies off your car easily Get your microwave sparkly clean with ease If your kitchen sink garbage disposal is smelling, use this great tip to keep it fresh Keep your jewelry looking expensive by using this simple cleaning tip
Quickly remove those white deodorant stains from clothing
You've made a mess of your favorite pot or pan, here's how to make it like new.
If you have spilled candle wax, here is how to get it out of your carpets
Whether it is an exterior brick wall or brick decor inside your home
What to do to get rid of the smell in your vehicle A more affordable option than drycleaning Great for cooking, but non-stick spray residue can keep your dishes from shining
How to remove those pesky black soot stains
How to remove pesky smells from burned or spicy food in your microwave
So easy, you will never have to buy a new shower curtain again
Remove your kid's bed wetting stains from mattresses
Remove these annoying marks from your vinyl flooring
Removing hair dye stains
Nothing is more annoying than discovering hair dye stains after coloring
September 2005
Stretch your all purpose cleaner amount
How you can stop using more liquid cleaner than you really need for the job Low cost & enviro friendly window cleaner
Make your own to be kind to your pocketbook and the environment Controlling carpet odor without the cost
Don't spend excessive amounts of money to keep your carpets spelling fresh. Buy your cleaners in bulk economy-sized containers
You can save a lot of money each year by simply buying economy sized containers Removing the smell of smoke from a room
If you are left with housing that smells like cigarette smoke, here's how to remove it
July 2005
Removing badly burnt-on food from a saucepan or skillet
You've made a mess of your favorite pot or pan, here's how to make it like new.


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