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Homenavarrow Cleaning Tips & Advice

Recycle ideas for plastic grocery & shopping bags

Sometimes, whether we like to or not, we end up accumulating plastic bags, whether from grocery shopping or just regular shopping while out and about. While many people make an effort to use re-usable grocery bags when buying groceries, sometimes we just have no other choice than to accept a plastic shopping bag, such as to carry those 20 balls of yarn you bought on impulse or when you have to make multiple store stops in a shopping mall, and you don't want to be walking into a store carrying that new pair of jeans with the tag still on!

So what can you do with all those plastic shopping bags so they don't end up in the landfill? Here are some ideas!

Recycle at the grocery store
Many grocery stores have a container or bin that they accept used grocery bags, which they then take for recycling. And most of them aren't picky, meaning you can give them all your plastic shopping bags, not just the ones for that store! Many WalMarts have these as well.

Make a recycled bag box
Store them in a special box in your home, that way all your plastic bags have a "home" in your house, and it is much less likely they will end up in the garbage, especially when your kids are involved! Instructions on making a recycled grocery bag box are easy!

Trash liners
Grocery bags are the perfect size for lining those small bathroom-sized garbage bags in your house.

Lint collectors
Keep a grocery bag in your laundry room for keeping the dryer link in.

Yard sale bags
Next time you have a garage sale or yard sale, make it easy for keeping track of who has paid for what when you put the items in a plastic bags

Donate to thrift stores
Because thrift stores like to save as much money as possible, most don't purchase plastic bags. So donate yours to thrift stores so they can put items in when they are purchased by customers.

Food banks
Food banks also don't spend money on plastic bags, and they make it easy for those who need food bank food to transport it, so give them to your local food banks.

Make a recycled bag carryall
If you are a knitter, here are some great instructions about how you can make a bag by knitting with the plastic bags you accumulate... then you can use it for groceries and shopping.

Kitty litter
Do you have a cat? Use grocery bags for cleaning out the kitty litter and then pop it in your garbage bag. This keeps the smell out and will mean you use less of the larger garbage bags since you won't be needing to take out the garbage as often!

Lunch bags
If you don't use a regular lunch kit, use a plastic grocery bag for taking your lunch rather than buying those paper or plastic lunch sacks.


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