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How to water your container garden

Did you know that not only does how often you water your container garden affects the health of your plants, but also how you water them? Believe it or not, it is true.

You should avoid watering your plants directly from the house. The pressure from the hose can displace the soil in the containers, not only making a mess with the potting soil all over your deck or patio, but also leave the roots exposed which can lead to bugs attacking the delecate root system. It can also damage or even break delicate leaves and branches as well.

If you prefer to water with a hose, get a special head attachment that will allow you to adjust the pressure and size of the spray, so you can just mist if needed, or have a minimal water flow that mimics the spray from a regular watering can. Do be aware that some inexpensive budget models may not allow you to start and stop the flow of water from the handle, you will need to run back to the tap in order to turn it off. So if you are looking at the economy brands, do ensure that you can turn off the water on the handle.

Watering cans also work well for container gardens, especially if your garden is on a balcony where you normally do not have access to an outside water spout. If you are shopping for a watering can, read our handy How to choose your perfect watering can article.

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