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Container Gardening Advice

When soap just doesn't get the job done, do this!

A great do it yourself way to keep the birds out of your garden without harming them

Don't buy these expensive totes from high end gardening centers, make your own

Don't waste money buying a soaker hose, here is how to make your own for cheap
Save water and the time spent watering with these ideas
How to remember what plants and seeds you planted when and where
How you can safely store your seeds for use next year and beyond
This quick trick will make fertilizing seem like a breeze
Solve the problem of forgetting to water your precious plants.
Pets and kids who can't stay out of the yard? Use this handy trick instead
Be warned that some herbs will take over your garden if given the chance!
Not sure what to do to get the sunflower seeds from your sunflowers?
Think the messy water drips were inevitable? Not so much!
Sunflowers are a perfect addition to any garden
Plant an herb garden just for your tea pot!
Create a special garden space just for your children
All about aerating a compost pile in your garden
Is buying smaller child-sized tools for your kids worth the added expense?
Get your kids interested in gardening by planting a garden perfect for pizza night!
Container gardening is a great way to plant in a small space or balcony
Everyone loves bulbs!
How to make your garden completely organic
Sunflowers look so cheery in containers, and even kids can do it!
The best varieties of tomatoes to grow in your container garden
Find out if your soil is acidic or alkalinic before you plant
Clean your hummingbird feeder properly
Kill weeds without chemicals, perfect for chemical-free gardens
An all natural insect repellant recipe
Keep your garden healthy by giving your old pots a good cleaning
Keep your hummingbirds healthy by making your own nectar.
Hummingbirds are a wonderful addition to any container garden.
Clean and disinfect your birdbath without harming the birds.
Sterilized potting soil costs more, but is it worth the added expense?
How you can sterilize your own potting soil in your own home
How to sterilize small amounts of potting soil in the microwave
Ensuring your potting soil is healthy and not toxic before you plant with it
When and how often should you be fertilizing your container garden?
Buy the watering can your garden covets with these handy tips.
Did you know what you choose to water with makes a difference?s
When you want to treat bugs on a plant naturally rather than with chemicals
Yes, you can get containers for free or next to nothing!
How to release ladybugs so they stay in your own garden.
Making potting soil mix yourself will save money and is great for your garden
How many drainage holes should you have in a pot and how big should they be.
Don't you hate it when cats use your garden for the bathroom? Here's how to stop it.
You may not realize that terracotta might not be the best choice to use.
Wood, terracotta, ceramic, plastic? Here's help to decide which is best for you.


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