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Organic Gardening with Garden Containers

It is quite easy to do organic gardening when making your garden containers. This is because of the smaller size of pots, you can easily isolate any plants that are having a pest problem without it spreading quickly to other plants.

First, you need organic potting soil with nutrients. Many garden centers now carry this special mixture, or you can make it yourself.

To ensure everything is organic in your garden, you should ideally start all your plants yourself from seeds. When you purchase plants from a nursery, you usually have no idea if they have been treated or "assisted" at any point during the growing process. So you should start the plants yourself.

Check your plants every morning or every evening for any signs of pests. If you find any, isolate that plant from the others to control the problem. If you only check every few days or once a week, the pest problem could be out of control before you even are aware there is a problem.

Remove any dead stems or leaves. Pests can hide quite well using dead foilage for cover in your containers, and often are the cause of dead stems or leaves on plants that should be in their prime.

Use an organic fertilizer about once a month to keep your plants healthy and as preventitive measures for any health issues while your plants are growing.

Diatomaceous earth can be used on top of the soil in your containers as a pest deterent. This can be used as preventitive (before the pests arrive) or as a cure if you are already having problems. It can be purchased at some garden supply stores as well as pool supply stores.

Organic gardening in containers gives many people satisfaction who want more organic foods in their diets yet are unable to afford the prices of organic produce at the market or grocery stores. Anything can be grown organically, if you don't mind the extra elbow grease it requires to accomplish it.


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