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What types of containers are best for container gardening?

There are definitely good choices and poor choices when it comes to container gardening. The best type of containers for container gardening are glazed ceramic pots. they are durable (as long as you don't drop them!) and they come in many great sizes, shapes and styles, which has the added bonus of making your container garden look great, especially in the seedling state! Be sure that there are drainage holes in the bottom though, or your plants will rot.

Wood containers, such as plantars and window boxes, are one to consider but the choice of wood being used to build the containers. The best choices are redwood and cedar. Other types of wood will rot more quickly. Also, do not finish the boxes with any kind of treatment or stain, as this can leech into the plants you are growing. This is especially crucial if you are planning to grow organically!

Thin plastic pots are okay to use if you are on a budget, but due to their frailty and UV damage, you may only get a single season out of them.

Terra cotta can be used, but there are watering issues to be aware of. See Using terra cotta pots for container gardening for more helpful advice specific to terra cotta pots.

You can also be creative! Things like old boots, wheelbarrows, wagons, metal jugs or containers can all be used. If it can hold soil and you can drill drainage holes into it, it would make a perfect container for container gardenings!

If you are on a restricted budget, also see our article Where to get cheap containers for container gardening so you can stock up on containers for free or next to nothing, instead of paying for containers at the gardening store.


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