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Homenavarrow Cooking Tips & Advice

Common Cooking Terms

baste to brush on or spoon a liquid over food to keep it moist during cooking
blanch to dip in boiling water, then in cold water, in order to cook food partially or in order to remove its skin or peel
blend to combine ingredients of different textures by mixing gently
braise to brown in fat, then add a small amount of liquid, cover, and cook slowly on stove or in oven
broil to cook over or under direct heat

to soak vegetables in cold water until firm or to heat foods until crisp

cut in to blend ingredients (eg. flour and shortening) by using 2 knives or a pastry blender
dredge to coat food with flour or crumbs
fillet to remove bones from meat or fish
fold to combine ingredients with a gentle folding motion
julienne to cut into long, thin strips
marinate to soak food in a liquid to add flavor or to tenderize it
mince to cut into very fine pieces
parboil to boil in water until partially cooked
pare to remove the skin or to peel
poach to cook in a hot liquid just below the boiling point
purée to put food through a coarse sieve to make a paste or thick liquid from it
sauté to fry in a small amount of fat
scald to heat a liquid until hot, but not boiling
skim to remove the fat that rises to the surface of soup, stew, or gravy by using a spoon or a bulb baster
steam to cook food by placing it in a covered, sieve-like container over boiling water
steep to let stand in a hot liquid that is just below boiling temperature


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