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Homenavarrow Cooking Tips & Advice

How to dry herbs in a microwave

If you have fresh herbs you are unable to use before they start wilting, or you have a bumper crop in the garden, you don't have to dry herbs in the oven or air dry them. You can dry them quickly in the microwave!

First, you want to wash the herbs well to ensure there are no bugs or chemicals on them. Pat dry then allow to air dry for another 2 hours.

Place a paper towel in the microwave, then layer your herbs in a single layer on top. It is best to only do one type of herb at a time, but you may want to do multiple herbs if you are making a mixture such as Italian seasoning. Then place another paper towel on top to cover the herbs and microwave on high for two minutes. Remove top paper towel and flip herbs over, return paper towel on top and microwave for another minute. Then check herbs and heat on high at 30 second intervals until the herbs are fully dried (they will be brittle).

Store herbs in spice jars or ziploc bags and herbs will keep for a year. Carefully check your herbs several times over the next 24-48 hours. If you notice any condensation, you will need to dry them more immediately... the condensation means that there is still some moisture in the herbs and it will cause them to go moldy fairly quickly.

Want to me more traditional? Here are instructions for air drying fresh herbs.


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