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Making a fancy layered candle from old ones

When your favorite candles burned down, save the wax . When you have five or six of these burned down candles, you are ready to create a brand new fancy layered candle.

You will need a store-bought wick, which can be bought from a craft store. You will also need a jar of the approximate size to hold the wax you have, and a pen or pencil.

Take the wick and rest the bottom of it on the bottom of the jar. Carefully wind the top of the wick around a pencil, and rest the pencil across the middle of the opening. This will hold the wick up while you add the layers.

Next he want to melt the candle. You can do this by using a saucepan set over low heat, in a microwave on low setting for a few seconds at a time, or you can even use a coffee mug warmer. There are also commercial candle wax smelters available, if you have the money to spend. If you make candles frequently, it might be worth the investment to you.

When the first candle is melted, carefully pour it into the jar, and allow to cool. Then you'll repeat with the second candle, and melting it and then pouring it in a layer on top of the layer that is already in the jar. Repeat this layering effect until you have used the candles or reach the jar top.

Allow to cool completely, then carefully unwind the wake from the pen or pencil. Trim the wick, and you have a brand-new layered candle.


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