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Budget Scrapbooking Tips & Ideas

Sometimes when there are so many new embellishments, papers, books and other goodies, it is hard to be a frugal scrapbooker. But there are many things you can do to trim your scrapbooking budget, no matter what the size of your budget is.

  • Instead of buying scrapbook magazines, ask your local library to get a subscription. Then you can read it every month for free.
  • Instead of buying all scrapbook magazines, instead, flip through them and only purchase ones that have a particular tip or technique in them that you want.
  • Go to the Creative Keepsakes forums - many of the items discussed in the magazines are discussed there too!
  • Limit the paper you buy to only the specific pages you are working on. Don't purchase paper just because it is pretty (unless you are buying yourself a specific treat!) or for pages you haven't started planning out yet.
  • Look around the house for things you can embellish with.
  • Participate in crops. Since you can use the stamps, scissors, etc of others, it makes sense to borrow them at the crop instead of purchasing all of them for yourself.
  • Check your local stamping store to see if they have stamp swaps. You might not need those "First day of school" stamps now that your former kindergartener is now in grade three, but covet some sports-themed stamps now that your kids all on teams.

There are many ideas beyond these ones listed, so be creative in how you save money.

More tips!
Get more frugal scrapbook tips & share your own in our forum thread "Ideas to save money on scrapbooking"


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