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Homenavarrow Crafts

Make a No-Mess Pinecone Bird Feeder

Pinecone bird feeders are a popular craft for kids, but they make such a mess that parents are reluctant to do them nowadays! Well, we at MomsBudget have made a no-mess version of this popular craft for moms everywhere to enjoy.

First take pinecones (ones that have dried work best, rather than ones picked off the ground wet) and add a hanger. The hanger can be anything from a fishing line loop, bent wire loop, etc.

Next, add a generous amount of peanut butter to a freezer ziploc bag. A freezer bag is thicker and often double layered, which reduces the chance that a sharp part on the pinecone will puncture the side of the bag and make a mess. Add the pinecone, and seal, ensuring you squeeze as much air out of the bag as possible.

Then hand it off to your child, telling them to squish and squeeze the bag to get as much peanut butter into the pinecone as possible.

While they do this, get a second bag ready to go, this time filled with a generous amount of birdseed. When they have done squishing and squeezing, add the pinecone to the birdseed bag, blowing as much air as possible into the bag before zipping it closed. Then it is shake time, to shake the bag and allow the seeds to stick to the peanut butter. If the peanut butter (and room temperature) is warm, you might want to put the peanut buttered pinecone into the freezer for a few minutes first.

Then remove the pinecone from the bag and hang in a bird loving spot that isn't easily accessible to squirrels or rats. Enjoy!


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