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Decorative sand painting in a jar

You have probably seen the fancy "sand paintings" which are jars of layered sand in a variety of colors, and the edges are often made to be wavy. This is an incredibly easy craft to do, perfect for all ages, and it is quite inexpensive as well... yet packs quite a visual punch when you give it as a gift!

First, you will need white sand from a garden supply shop. Be sure to ask about broken bags, as you can usually get them for much less than the sticker price!

Next, decide on how many colors you want layered, and pour sand into that many paper cups (for easy cleanup!) Using food coloring, add a few drops to each paper cup, and mix well - chopsticks are inexpensive and easy to use, then toss when you are done or add to your craft cupboard for later non-food use.

With a jar, carefully pour sand into jar to create a layer. Repeat for as many layered colors as you wish, until completely filled (this will prevent the colors from mixing when the jar is moved).

To create waves, use a thin stick such as a toothpick or shishkebob stick and slowly push down to the bottom where you would like the waves to appear.

To complete, tightly screw the lid on. You can decorate the lid for gift giving.

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