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Slow Cooker Help & Crock Pot How To

Don't forget our many slow cooker recipes!

Save time by getting your slow cooker meal ready the night before, but do it safely!
Is it okay to skip the defrosting when adding mear or poultry?
If the power went out, how to know if your meal is safe to eat.
Did you know your slow cooker could be making your family sick?
Time to buy a new slow cooker? Here are some features to look for
Which will result in a tastier slow cooker meal?
Why it might be your best decision to remove the skin first
Why you may need to adjust the amount of hours you slow cook for
How to cook pasta in your slow cooker without overdoing it
What type of rice turns out best when cooked in the slow cooker?
If you want to slow down or speed up cooking, how can you do it?
Do you know just how hot your slow cooker should be cooking at?
How can you safely double slow cooker recipes?
Is it safe to reheat leftovers using your slow cooker?
Why you shouldn't life the lid while your slow cooker is busy cooking.
What temperature does your slow cooker actually cook at?
When you have burned it good, here is how to make it good as new
Make clean up easy with this quick tip
How to check and ensure your slow cooker is cooking to the proper temperature
Your kids will love these no-bake chicken strips.
The perfect recipe for the vegetarians in your family
What is the time difference between low and high crock pot settings?
Even you can make fried green tomatoes at home.


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