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Should your kids be allowed cell phones in school?

Let's face it. Chances are pretty good that your teenagers already have their own cell phone. It is convenient for parents to always be able to reach their kids, and it can be a lifesaver for kids who shuttle between mom and dad's house, so their friends and family can always reach them and not have to wonder about what house they are at. But what about cell phones at school?

Some schools have gone and banned cell phones from school property, or allow cell phones in lockers but not in the classroom. And there are definitely pros and cons of cell phones at school and in the classroom.

For starters, if kids have their cell phones at school, parents can reach them in an emergency. And on the oppsite side, students with cell phones have been able to phone 911 during crisises at school, being able to notify athorities of school shootings much quicker than it would have taken for someone to get to the school's office (if it was even possible), meaning the police can reach the school quicker.

However, phones can also be a major distraction. Students forget to turn off the ringer or leave their phone on vibrate, which still does make an annoying noise even though the ringer is off. Plus students can be distracted from what is going on in the classroom by the text messages your daughter and her BFF are sending back and forth.

If your kids are begging you to take a cell phone to school, phone the school to find out what the policy is. Nearly all schools have been dealing with issues surrounding cell phones, so they will very likely have a policy in place. Once you find out what the school's policies are, you will be able to make the decision about the cell phone to both work for you and for the school..


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