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How to embroider on a pair of jeans

Embroidering designs on jeans is a surprisingly easy thing to do. And even if you aren't all that crafty, embroidering is something you can do, as long as you are capable of threading a needle. And surprisingly, picking up the supplies is very inexpensive, especially considering how much embroidered jeans sell for.

To embroiderer on your jeans, such as on the back pockets , front pocket edges, down the sides, or along the hem, all you need is embroidery thread (in the number of colors you need), needle (chenille needle is best), chalk pencil, and an idea of what kind of pattern you want. There are a lot of patterns available online, or you can design your own. You may also want to pick up a thimble for pushing your needle through the denim.

First you want to wash your jeans, and then dry them with fabric softener. Jeans softened with fabric softener will be easier to embroiderer. Then draw the design on with the chalk pencil. You can use a pen to draw the design on, but you may end up seeing some of the pen after you finished embroidering, while the chalk will simply wash off.

Depending on how thick you want the embroidery to be, you can select anywhere from two to six strands of the embroidery thread. Embroidery thread comes six strands to teach piece of embroidery floss. Thread the needle, using between 12 and 24 inches of thread at a time, and embroiderer over your pattern in a simple back stitch. If tie off with multiple knots at the end.

You may want to fuse some interfacing on the inside of the design so that it doesn't catch when you put your hands in your pockets or put your jeans on, and helps prevent the ends from becoming loose. A craft or fabric store can help you select the best interfacing for jeans.

Enjoy your new jeans! Just don't be surprised when others want you to do a pair for them too.


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