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Getting the most mileage out of a single business suit

Do you need a business suit for interviews or for work? If you don't have the money to buy a variety of suits yet need to look professional, here is how you can buy one three-piece suit (for women, a three piece suit means jacket, pants and skirt) and make it appear that you have multiple suits.

To get the most mileage out of your business suit, select black since stains are easier to remove and it isn't as obvious you are wearing the same business suit - yes, that plum business suit might look fabulous on you, but you don't want to be known as the woman who always wears the same purple business suit because it is so distinctive. If you are considering a second suit, dark grey or black pinstripe is your best bet.

Likewise, don't purchase a distinctive jacket either - things like destinctive pockets or buttons can make your suit jacket memorable, and again, make it obvious to others when you wear the same business jacket often.

Purchase a skirt and pants to go with your business suit - it will be worth it if you travel on business and you accidentily spill hot sauce on your only skirt. While it can be tempting to only purchase one, it will be worth it when the color matches perfectly - yes, there are even different shades of black that can be pretty noticeable when they differ.

Pair your suit with a variety of colored tailored blouses or shells. Switching up the colors will make it so it isn't nearly as obvious you are wearing the same suit over and over! There is no rule that says you must wear only white shirts - inface, I rarely do!

Change it up with different broaches. No, I am not talking the gausy broaches your grandmother wore that you used to play dress-up with. There are many small yet classy broaches you can pin to your lapel.

Necklaces can also draw attention away from the same business suit. Chunky and distinctive necklaces can give the impression you are wearing different suits simply because the jewelry is different.

Wash on the gentle cycle. Chances are you will end up showing wash wear on your pants far earlier than you will on the other pieces, so always wash on the gentle cycle and hang to dry to prevent excess wear and tear.

Don't forget you will save even more money by reading Where to buy inexpensive business suits for women so you can get the most for your money.


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