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Saving money on Ziploc bags for freezer meals

Ziploc bags are of the easiest way is to store your freezer meals. However, the expense can add up, particularly if you are using Ziploc bags exclusively. however, there are definitely ways you can save money on your Ziplocs.

First, watch for sales on Ziploc bags. You can sometimes find phenomenal sales on the freezer bags, and it is the freezer bags that will give you the best results on the meals you cook. there are a variety of brands of Ziploc bags, but those who do the bulk freezer cooking finds that the Ziploc and the Glad brands perform the best for preventing freezer burn and sealing in the taste.

Second, purchase some inexpensive non-freezer variety Ziploc bags. These should be in the same sizes that you've purchased your good-quality freezer bags.

Now, when you package up your meals before putting them in the freezer, you will want to place the meals in your inexpensive non-freezer bags. then, you will want to place that bag inside of the good-quality freezer. This way, you can easily reuse the freezer bags without having to wash them. Also, because you cannot reuse Ziploc bags that have had meat in them, you can use the inexpensive bags with the meat once and toss them when you cook the meal.

You can also look to purchase them on sale. The value packs of freezer bags can be quite inexpensive (ie. $17 for 165 gallon-sized bags) and can save you a lot of money over buying the smaller boxes with only 15 or 30 ziplocs in them, so you might decide that extra money is worth it rather than washing them.



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