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Using Ziploc Vacuum Pump Freezer Bags for Once a Month Cooking

Have you seen the new Ziploc Vacuum pump bags yet?

 These new multi-layer bags are meant for those doing power freezer cooking. And they have definitely reduced freezer burn - they come with a battery operated pump to squeeze the air out of the bags to prevent freezer burn (it is the air in the freezer that causes freezer burn). And Ziploc also says these bags are safe for microwaving, which is a bonus for those people who tend to avoid micorwaving the other types of Ziploc bags.

In a test performed by a smart shopper columnist for ABC, she put a steak in a regular freezer bag and another in a bag sealed using the Ziploc Vacuum Bags, and left them in the freezer for a month... after one month, the steak in the regular freezer bag had some freezer burn while the Ziploc Vacuum Bag steak had no freezer burn at all. MomsBudget is also doing some of our own testing, so as soon as a month is up, we will report our findings, but so far, the Vacuum bags are showing no signs of freezer burn yet either.

One thing that is nice about this set, is they are still the easy open of Ziploc, one of the annoying thing about using the regular style vacuum seal "bags" is they need to be cut open.

The bags are sold both with the pump and without, so after you buy the initial pump, you can simply buy the Vacuum bags, and not the entire kit with the bags and pump togetherm and the prices are fairly comparible once you own the pump... and the no-freezer-burn part makes the extra money worth it, since the food will definitely taste much better when it comes out of the freezer. And the pump is dishwasher safe!


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