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Chicken Freezer Cooking Recipes - Once a Month Cooking

All recipes with chicken (and a few turkey) for the freezer! Whether you call it freezer cooking, frozen assets or once a month cooking (OAMC) these are our favorite chicken recipes.

A great recipe for the curry fans
Another fabulous Chinese food recipe!
Another great recipe for pineapple lovers
Rosemary is usually paired up with turkey, but try it with chicken too
A favorite Hungarian dish
Another orange glazed chicken recipe
Skip orange chicken and try lemon chicken instead
Bleu cheese lovers will love this!
Bring back old school with this chicken
This meatloaf uses ground turkey instead of the usual ground beef
A nice low fat pasta dish for OAMC
Canadian flavor to this chicken, eh?
A kid-friendly chicken dish with a surprisingly good taste
Sweet & Savory combined in this chicken recipe
Asian flair to this super easy chicken dish
Tortellini as a soup instead of with pasta sauce
A nice meatloaf using ground chicken instead of beef
Dijon fans will love this honeyed chicken version
Bring home gourmet taste to your freezer cooking
Curry with chicken, taste can be adjusted to make it spicier
A simple recipe that is easy to double or triple
Get your kid's broccoli intake up with this dish.
Make this freezer recipe with Diet Pepsi (or Diet Coke!)
A family favorite
Turkey & corn casserole
A dish that will quickly become your family favorite!
Great spicier burgers to keep in the fridge for burger nights
Enchiladas with ground chicken instead of traditional beef
One of our most popular recipes for your freezer!
A great recipe for the caesar salad lover in the family.
A cheesy spin on bacon wrapped chicken
Teriyaki chicken is a great family favorite recipe
A great pasta dish for the freezer
A great spicy Caribbean Jerk recipe for your freezer
Perfect for curry lovers
Seasoned chicken ala Chicken Kiev
A perfect snack or quick meal for the freezer. Serve with our freezer salsa!
A spicey spin on everyone's favorite soup
Enchiladas with ground chicken instead of traditional beef
Perfect for when hubby has friends over!
This dish is great served over rice, even from the freezer!
This great dish has a hint of Chinese style with almonds & water chestnuts
An all American classic recipe
A great recipe for the caesar salad lover in the family
A great summertime dish!
Spice it up with this chili dish!
This great chicken & wine recipe designed for OAMC
Greaty tasting marengo chicken uses inexpensive chicken pieces.
A new spin on orange chicken for your freezer.
Inexpensive cut of chicken with healthy summer squash
Keep a few Chinese dishes in your freezer with this cashew chicken
Pot Pies are perfect as freezer meals
Yes, even fried chicken can be done with once a month cooking!
Perfect for a party or get together, reheats quickly.


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