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Freezer Cooking Recipes - Once a Month Cooking

Whether you call it freezer cooking, frozen assets or once a month cooking (OAMC) these recipes are sure to please. DON'T FORGET ! Freezer Cooking Advice & Help

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freezer cooking

NEW! Freezer Cooking Printables

All these printables help you make the most of both your OAMC cooking days as well as to help you ensure all those meals actually get eaten instead of vanishing into the depths of your freezer.

Also, view recipes by main ingredient & theme:
NEW Low Fat Freezer Cooking Recipes
Beef | Chicken | Pork | Vegetarian | Appetizers & Side Dishes
Soups, Stews & Chillis | Pasta | Chinese Style | Spicy

A healthy curried soup for those who love curry
A cheesy soup with broccoli to make it healthier
This sauce is perfect for any of our Chinese food for the freezer dishes.
A great use for leftover ham!
Mini meatloaves are a kid favorite too!
Hawaiian fave for your freezer
A great recipe for the curry fans
A great use for excess tomatoes in the garden
Wonderful addition to Italian bread, perfect for keeping in the freezer for company
Great way to use up that cilantro in the garden
Dill butter is always a favorite
A great accompanyment for baked potatoes
A great dish for the holiday season
Liven up your chicken with this great recipe
Another Chinese style freezer recipe, by popular demand!
Tangy lime citrus flavor
Great Ziti for the freezer for Ziti anytime!
Pork satay skewers straight from the freezer
One of my favorites, Chinese food style!
A nice healthy soup for the family from the freezer
Another fabulous Chinese food recipe!
Another freezable macaroni and cheese recipe featuring Canadian bacon
Popular Italian Rotini done OAMC style
This one will definitely be a hit with the kids
Yes, we have a cheddar cheese soup you can keep in the freezer!
Gravy you can freeze in single serving sizes
A great snack to keep on hand.
Another great recipe for pineapple lovers
Save money by making it and freezing it yourself
Homemade barbecue sauce without having to make new each time
Rosemary is usually paired up with turkey, but try it with chicken too
A favorite Hungarian dish
A great side dish for OAMC
A new vegetarian dish for OAMC
A nice hard to find fish dish for the freezer
Another orange glazed chicken recipe
Traditional goulash recipe that most spaghetti loving kids will love
Skip orange chicken and try lemon chicken instead
Cheese bread with a twist you can keep in your freezer
Bleu cheese lovers will love this!
You don't see many lamb recipes, enjoy this one.
Bring back old school with this chicken
A different spin on regular hamburgers, this time with basil pesto
If you love Caesars, you will love this Caesar-ized version of spaghetti
This is a great one to have in your freezer for the Christmas season
A nice low fat pasta dish for OAMC
This meatloaf uses ground turkey instead of the usual ground beef
Yes, you can freeze corn right on the cob for a special treat this winter
Asian flair to this super easy chicken dish
A kid-friendly chicken dish with a surprisingly good taste
Sweet & Savory combined in this chicken recipe
Canadian flavor to this chicken, eh?
A nice meatloaf using ground chicken instead of beef
Tortellini as a soup instead of with pasta sauce
A spicy Mexican spin on Macaroni
Crab is the seafood in this delightful casserole
Tangy sauce with sweet onions
All the great taste of pizza in a pasta dish
Dijon fans will love this honeyed chicken version
Super fast to make and easy to double and quadruple
Bring home gourmet taste to your freezer cooking
This inexpensive dish is easy to double and WILL be a family favorite!
If your family loves chili, make this light version
A simple recipe that is easy to double or triple
Get your kids their broccoli with this great recipe
Great BBQ pork chops for the freezer your waistline will love
Make this freezer recipe with Diet Pepsi (or Diet Coke!)
You can't beat a swiss steak recipe that is low fat and has gravy!
Curry with chicken, taste can be adjusted to make it spicier
A family favorite
Bring Mexican food to your freezer cooking
Turkey & corn casserole
An unusual Mexican dish with pork chops
Steak done Swiss Steak style your family will love
Cookies you can bake straight from the freezer
You can keep ready to serve whipped cream in the freezer for deserts
Fabulous gnocchi now in a freezer cooking recipe!
A dish that will quickly become your family favorite!
French Fries for freezer cooking have arrived! Perfect for families doing OAMC
Keep this in the freezer for quick pizza making sessions.
Even coleslaw can be frozen and kept in the freezer for serving later.
Everyone loves pesto sauce, now make it to keep in your freezer.
Sloppy Joes in pita bread shells
Pork chops with a great cherry sauce
Super easy hamburgers to freeze that most kids love
Super easy to up the quantities and make a dozen or more at a time.
A great spicy Caribbean Jerk recipe for your freezer
A cheesy spin on bacon wrapped chicken
Teriyaki chicken is a great family favorite recipe
A great pasta dish for the freezer
Freezer recipe for the famous cold Spanish soup
A classic chili con carne for OAMC
Perfect for curry lovers
Seasoned chicken ala Chicken Kiev
Keep on hand for unexpected company
A perfect snack or quick meal for the freezer. Serve with our freezer salsa!
Perfect to keep in the freezer for those cold winter days
A favorite for broccoli fans
Great spicier burgers to keep in the freezer
Great for unexpected guests
A healthier version of enchiladas
A spicey spin on everyone's favorite soup
Enchiladas with ground chicken instead of traditional beef
A Spanish style rice casserole
A nice corn chowder with a spicey kick
Perfect for when hubby has friends over!
This dish is great served over rice, even from the freezer!
This great dish has a hint of Chinese style with almonds & water chestnuts
This great dish created for the freezer
An all American classic recipe
A great recipe for the caesar salad lover in the family
A healthier version of manicotti, perfect for vegetarians!
A nice spicy soup for OAMC
A spicy rice dish with a kick
A great version of baked beans for the freezer
A great summertime dish!
Yummy freezer pickles recipe
Make this homemade salsa and freeze in serving sized portions!
Spice it up with this chili dish!
This great chicken & wine recipe designed for OAMC
A reduced fat version of this fun dish!
Freeze individual portions of bacon that just needs reheating in the microwave
A fabulous salsa you can keep in the freezer for unexpected company
A freezer version of this great split pea soup
These can be stored in the freezer for easy breakfasts
A great spicy spin on traditional family favorite sloppy joes!
Zesty spare ribs in a BBQ sauce for your freezer cooking.
This favorite quiche dish is made up for your freezer.
Greaty tasting marengo chicken uses inexpensive chicken pieces.
Chinese Char Siu BBQ Pork for the freezer
Keep omelettes in your freezer for easy and healthy breakfasts
A new spin on orange chicken for your freezer.
Inexpensive cut of chicken with healthy summer squash
Keep a few Chinese dishes in your freezer with this cashew chicken
Pot Pies are perfect as freezer meals
Makes for a quick and easy breakfast for busy mornings
The family classic for your freezer
Yes, even fried chicken can be done with once a month cooking!
Make a month's worth for lunches - will thaw by lunchtime! Perfect for a party or get together, reheats quickly. These cookies can be frozen and then thawed in an instant!
Keep a couple of loaves in the freezer for the perfect side dish for a meal
A tasty ham dish, with plenty of pineapple for the kids in your family
An ethnic recipe for your freezer. BBQ pork done in superb Chinese style
This flavorful meal brings together two very different tastes in this recipe
Make this pumpkin pie and freeze for later, or even Thanksgiving
A little known fact that you can freeze mashed potatoes for later!
Make this pumpkin pie and freeze for later, or even Thanksgiving
Ribs are always popular, and these need little work from the freezer.
A freezable version of this standing family favorite.
An easy freezer version to make in bulk.
Stuffed Peppers
Great for either a meal or even a quick snack.
September 2005
Homestyle Macaroni & Cheese
A kid-friendly dish the whole family loves, and perfect for freezing. Dr. Pepper Spaghetti
Kids love this fun spaghetti recipe, even with added veggies! Sloppy Joes
Make this fast recipe and freeze batches for a fun family favorite Pizza Bagels
A popular lunchbox meal, put in frozen and will thaw by lunch! Zesty Italian Pasta Salad
Freeze in single serving portions for quick and easy lunches. Peanut Butter & Jam Sandwiches for the Freezer
Make kid's lunches a breeze with these freezable PB&J sandwiches Ham & Cheese Sandwiches
Yes, even these sandwiches can be made in advance in bulk and frozen Basic Spaghetti Sauce for OAMC
A staple for all Once a Month Cooking chefs


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