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Homenavarrow Freezer cooking help & tips navarrow Freezer cooking recipes

Pasta & Rice Freezer Cooking Recipes - Once a Month Cooking

Pasta-based freezer recipes are hard to find. Here is our collection of family favorites, from Mac & Cheese to lasagna and pasta salad! We have also included rice dishes here too!

A great use for excess tomatoes in the garden
Great Ziti for the freezer for Ziti anytime!
Another freezable macaroni and cheese recipe featuring Canadian bacon
Popular Italian Rotini done OAMC style
Traditional goulash recipe that most spaghetti loving kids will love
If you love Caesars, you will love this Caesar-ized version of spaghetti
A nice low fat pasta dish for OAMC
Super fast to make and easy to double and quadruple
A spicy Mexican spin on Macaroni
Crab is the seafood in this delightful casserole
Tangy sauce with sweet onions
All the great taste of pizza in a pasta dish
Wow! Beef stroganoff especially made to keep well for OAMC
Tortellini as a soup instead of with pasta sauce
Even pasta salad has a place in your freezer cooking menu
This classic dish made freezer friendly for family favorite meals
A very tasty rice casserole with a texas flair to it.
A great pasta dish for the freezer
A Spanish style rice casserole
A healthier version of manicotti, perfect for vegetarians!
A spicy rice dish with a kick
A reduced fat version of this fun dish!
An easy freezer version to make in bulk.
Homestyle Macaroni & Cheese
A kid-friendly dish the whole family loves, and perfect for freezing. Dr. Pepper Spaghetti
Kids love this fun spaghetti recipe, even with added veggies! Pesto Sauce for the Freezer
Everyone loves pesto sauce, now make it to keep in your freezer. Zesty Italian Pasta Salad
Freeze in single serving portions for quick and easy lunches.


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