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Vegetarian & Vegan Freezer Cooking Recipes - Once a Month Cooking

Just because you are vegetarian or vegan doesn't mean you have to miss out on the benefits of OAMC. Here are some of our favorite recipes that contain no meat.

A great use for excess tomatoes in the garden
A nice healthy soup for the family from the freezer
This one will definitely be a hit with the kids
Yes, we have a cheddar cheese soup you can keep in the freezer!
Save money by making it and freezing it yourself
A great side dish for OAMC
A new vegetarian dish for OAMC
Cheese bread with a twist you can keep in your freezer
Fabulous gnocchi now in a freezer cooking recipe!
A healthy manicotti recipe for vegetarian pasta lovers
A staple recipe for any freezer cooking session.
A favorite vegetarian dish, for either a meal or a side dish
French Fries for freezer cooking have arrived! Perfect for families doing OAMC
Freezer recipe for the famous cold Spanish soup
Keep on hand for unexpected company
Tomato Soup with Basil
Perfect to keep in the freezer for those cold winter days
Great for unexpected guests
A Spanish style rice casserole
A nice corn chowder with a spicey kick
A healthier version of manicotti, perfect for vegetarians!
A nice spicy soup for OAMC
Everyone loves pesto sauce, now make it to keep in your freezer.
A spicy rice dish with a kick
A great version of baked beans for the freezer
Yummy freezer pickles recipe
Make this homemade salsa and freeze in serving sized portions!
A fabulous salsa you can keep in the freezer for unexpected company
These can be stored in the freezer for easy breakfasts
Even coleslaw can be frozen and kept in the freezer for serving later.
Makes for a quick and easy breakfast for busy mornings
These cookies can be frozen and then thawed in an instant!
Keep a couple of loaves in the freezer for the perfect side dish for a meal
Make this pumpkin pie and freeze for later, or even Thanksgiving
A little known fact that you can freeze mashed potatoes for later!
Make this pumpkin pie and freeze for later, or even Thanksgiving
Keep this in the freezer for quick pizza making sessions.
Stuffed Peppers
Great for either a meal or even a quick snack.
September 2005
Homestyle Macaroni & Cheese
A kid-friendly dish the whole family loves, and perfect for freezing.
Pizza Bagels
A popular lunchbox meal, put in frozen and will thaw by lunch! Zesty Italian Pasta Salad
Freeze in single serving portions for quick and easy lunches. Peanut Butter & Jam Sandwiches for the Freezer
Make kid's lunches a breeze with these freezable PB&J sandwiches


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