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Homenavarrow Saving money on groceries

Save money by going vegetarian

Did you realize that going vegetarian can save you a significant amount of money over the course of the year, or even a month. No, we are not advocating that you suddenly stop purchasing meat and become strict vegetarians. Instead consider making at least one of your meals a week vegetarian.

Meat and poultry can easily make up a huge part of your mealtime budget. So it makes sense to cut out at least one of those meals a week and switch to a vegetarian meal.

If you are concerned that your family will not take to eating vegetarian style, you don't have to make one of the funky new age tofu loving meals. Instead, make spaghetti without the beef. Or make a stirfry with vegetables and rice instead of chicken or beef strips. There are many meals you can make were even your kids will not miss the meat, even if your family qualifies for being the biggest meat eating family in America.

If your family is truly reluctant to cut out meat at even a single meal, try making spaghetti with only half the amount of beef or make that chicken stirfry with only half the amount of chicken, chopping the chicken smaller to disguise the smaller chicken portions. Because the meat can truly helps you cut your food budget, it makes sense to either try going vegetarian for at least a meal a week, or at least cutting it out the amount of meat you use per meal.


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