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Homenavarrow Saving money on groceries

Biggest Mistakes Shoppers Make When Using Coupons

Yes, coupons are wonderful! But even a savvy coupon user can make mistakes that will cost them money in the long run. Here are some of the biggest mistakes couponers make, so check to make sure you aren't doing any of them!

Using coupons too early
people tend one user killer deal coupons as soon as they get them, even if they don't actually need the product right then. So wait to use those coupons instead of using them the same week you get them.

Not using a coupon organizer
The problem with coupons is that if they are not organized properly, you can end up with expired coupons that you should have used, as well as not being able to find the coupons you need when you go to buy the product. So make sure you keep your coupons organized so you do not miss out on any savings. You can make your own coupon organizer following our easy instructions.

Not checking for online coupons
there are a lot of online coupon sites you should be using to find additional coupons. Not all coupons come in the mail or in the Sunday newspaper. And often times online coupons can save you more money than the ones you clip. Just as sure where you plan to use them do except Internet coupons, a quick phone call or visit to the customer service desk will tell you your answer.

Buying in the store rather than online with coupon code
Places like the Gap have online coupon codes that can make it a much better deal to purchase online rather than in the store. It so next time you go to buy a something at the store that uses online coupon codes, be sure to do an online coupon codes search so that you can find out if you are better off ordering online. See: How to find online coupon codes

Forgetting about rebate programs
some grocery stores and superstores have rebate centers that won't rebate some of your spans. Each program is different, so check with the stories you do the majority of your grocery shopping and to make sure you are missing out.

Forgetting to shop on double coupon days
true, the stories can be busier, and the lineups take much longer, but the money you can save by shopping on a double coupon day can be amazing. Find out if any of your grocery stores do double coupon days, and don't forget to mark them on your calendars you can take advantage of them. It is often worth of stockpiling your coupons for those days because your coupon will be taken at double the face value. This means a dollar off coupon will turn into two dollars off. And if that item costs less than two dollars, they are actually paying you to buy it with coupon.

Make sure you weren't making any of these mistakes, and you can save even more money on your grocery shops.


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