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Homenavarrow Saving money on groceries

Are you wasting too much of your food?

Did you know that the average family tosses 10-20% of all the food they buy? This is because the food is left to spoil in the refrigerator or has gone past the expiry date. The other reason is because too much food is cooked for a meal and the leftovers are never eaten.

What can you do? First, only buy as much fruits and vegetables as your family will eat before it spoils. If you end up with fruit or vegetables that you won't be eaten in time, make sure you freeze any that you can.

When you buy products with an expiry date, whether milk, sour cream or fresh juice, make sure that you are buying it with the furthest away expiry date as possible. You might need to reach right to the back of the dairy case in order to get the ones with the latest date. But this means that the sour cream you only use occasionally will last for a longer time in your refrigerator and won't have to be thrown away as soon.

If you end up with leftovers, see what you can freeze for a meal later in the coming weeks. Your family might not want lasagna two nights in a row, but if you freeze the leftovers and serve it again in two weeks, your family will be happy and you won't have any wasted food.

Be sure to check our freezer cooking section for more on freezing leftovers as well as fruits and vegetables.


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