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Homenavarrow Health & Personal Care

Saving money on Personal & Health Care Costs

How to stop the sneezing and symptoms without using medication
Did you know you could be using ten times too much!
Don't buy sunglasses without reading this.
When you have painful razor burn, do this
Never buy expensive gardener's soap ever again!
How to cure headaches without using medication
Tricks to stopping your children from sucking their thumbs
Go chemical free by making your own toothpaste at home
Spicy kick of cinnamon in this toothpaste
Giving anyone eye drops is never fun, here is a trick to make it easy
If you have a close encounter with poison ivy, here's what to do
Do you have what you need in an emergency?
Why your health can be jeopardized by something as simple as your shower curtain
How to get the air quality better if you cannot afford an air purifying system
Signs your child could have lead poisoning and how they get poisoned
Vitamin overdosing is a serious danger and the leading cause of childhood poisonings
What you need to know to prevent carbon monoxide poisonings in the home
Are you practicing safe eating practices in your home?
You stayed in the sun too long... here is how to treat your sunburn
How to keep your hair safe from the summer sun
What SPF means and choosing the best SPF for you
Are your symptoms caused by anxiety?
Are you suffering from depression?
What type of life events commonly cause depression
What is SAD?
What you should have in your baby's first aid kit
Treat sunburns with this at-home remedy with ingredients you have
How to disinfect a toothbrush after being sick to get rid of the germs
Did you know prescription prices vary greatly from one pharmacy to the next
How to remove acrylic & gel nails without having to go to a nail technician Treat your athlete's foot at home rather than buying medication You should tell your doctor about your supplements, here is why! Why you might want to consider dye-free alternatives Most common allergies to food coloring dyes Why you should be concerned about the freebie drug samples Make these hand wipes to keep in the car to keep everyone germ free! Use this if you have razor burn to ease the pain Use this to fall asleep without sleep drugs Keep on hand for those minor cuts and scrapes Make your own to keep on hand Make an easy dry shampoo for use when washing with water isn't an option! Casts can itch badly. Here is how to scratch then stop the itching in the future You have burned your tongue or roof of your mouth. Here's how to get the pain to stop Tried and true tricks for your child to take their medicine without complaint Need a hot water bottle in a pinch? Make your own with these instructions Inexpensive Chicken Pox Itch Reliever Recipe
No calamine lotion? Make this recipe instead to stop the chicken pox itch Beware of dollar store toothpaste
Did you know that toothpaste might not be safe for you and your family? Saving on your dental fees
Preventative brushing and flossing makes more cents Make your own cough syrup recipe
Make your own cough syrup at home this cold season Remove hand stamps from parties and clubs
Don't wear a handstamp for days, remove them easily with this trick Make your own ice packs for bumps and bruises
If your family uses ice packs frequently, skip the peas and corn and make your own



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