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Homenavarrow Holidays

Saving money on Christmas cards

When you love receiving Christmas cards, and especially when you are on a budget, buying many Christmas cards can be pretty cost prohibitive. So if you have kids at home, here is a great way to cut the cost of your Christmas cards significantly.

First, buy a pack of 100 paper in cardstock weight. Don't go to the scrapbook store, since you would be paying for the fact it is acid free and the upcharge for it being in a smaller store. Instead, head to your local big box office supply store, or even a store such as WalMart, and buy it there instead. Then buy envelopes that will fit the paper when it is folded in half or in quarters, such as the size of a greeting card.

Then, fold each piece of cardstock in half or in quarters (depending on the size of envelopes). Get out markers, crayons and pencil crayons in festive colors (such as red, green and yellow) and ask your child to draw a Christmas picture on each one. If you have Christmas themed rubber stamps, put them out with a red or green stamp pad. And if you have glitter glue, let your kids use it too.

Once the picture is done on each one, you (or your kids if they are older) handwrite a festive saying on the inside and sign your names. Put it in the envelope (making sure any glitter glue is dry, of course!) then address the envelope.

If your children are younger, you will want to start this project sooner rather than later, so your kids don't need to draw 30 pictures in an afternoon! But you will be able to send 100 or more cards for what it would have cost you for sending 10 store-bought cards.

Want to save on postage? Hand deliver the Christmas cards as well!

Need some inspiration for things your kids can draw? Here are some ideas:

  • Christmas tree
  • wreath
  • snowman
  • penguins
  • North Pole
  • sleigh
  • Santa
  • reindeer
  • bells
  • garland
  • Star


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