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Homenavarrow Holidays

Inexpensive Costume Ideas for Moms on a Budget

If money is tight, you know how hard it is to disappoint your children when they can't have the Barbie princess or Spiderman costume from the store.

But here are a series of unique costume ideas with minimal cost, and many made from what you probably already have at the house. This means your child can celebrate Hallowe'en in style, without looking frugal.

Box of Popcorn
Supplies: Cardboard box, paint, plain popcorn, glue gun, string or ribbon.

Chose a cardboard box large enough for your child to act as the box of popcorn, and attach suspenders of ribbon or string to hold the box on your child. Paint red and white stripes, and paint "POPCORN" on the front and back. Then using a glue gun, glue popcorn to the box. If you have a shirt you don't mind throwing away after, you can glue popcorn to that as well.

Bag of Jelly Beans
Supplies: Clear garbage bag, small colorful balloons, marker.

With a clear garbage bag, cut holes for the head and arms, then write "JELLY BEANS" on the front and back with marker. When your child puts it on, tape the open end shut around the legs. Then blow up small balloons (this can be done beforehand) and insert balloons into the plastic bag.

Spa Chick
Supplies: Bathrobe, slippers or flipflops, hair towel, green face paint, nail polish, poster paper

Dress in the bathrobe, slippers and put your hair up in a hair towel. Paint nails bright red. Paint your face green, leaving round openings around the eyes (face paint recipe here). Using poster paper, make a small sign for the left chest, and a larger sign on the back, with the name you make up for the Spa. Many use the "School Name Spa".

Smartie Pants
Supplies: Smarties, sweat pants, glue gun

Glue Smarties all over the pants. You can optionally glue a sign on the back of the pants that says "Smartie", or write it with markers if they are light colored pants.

Got Milk?
Supplies: Black clothing, white face paint

Dress all in black like the celebrities in the ads and using face paint, make a white milk moustache.

Mug Shot
Supplies: Messed up clothing, cardboard sign

Dress like a thief who just got caught and make a cardboard sign with the inmate name, number and "Department of Corrections" or you can personalize it with your child's school name.

Need more ideas or help?
Read & share more inexpensive costume ideas here. Or if you need help with your own costume idea on how to do it frugally, start a new thread in our Holiday forum!


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