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Homenavarrow Holidays

Make your own Christmas Tree Skirt

There is something about a Christmas tree skirt beneath your holiday tree that just seems to make it look polished as well as beautiful. But even if you have limited or no sewing skills, you can make your own Christmas tree skirt easily, without having to shell out a lot of money to buy one. And you can do as little or as much sewing (or even no sewing at all!) to make it.

First, you will need to hit your local fabric store. You will find a wide selection of fabrics at a fabric store, but you can also check WalMart for nice fabric as well. And most fabric stores get their fabric in as early as the summertime, so it probably isn't too early to start planning! If you don't have a budget for your skirt, you can also try a store specifically for quilting for some exception fabric.

First, select the fabric. You can chose a cotton print fabric, felt, corduroy, or chose a velvet or even one of the pre-embroidered fabrics. If you are matching an accessory you already own (such as the tree garland, the Christmas stockings or a sofa accent pillow) make sure you bring it so you can be sure it matches. Usually, once the fabric is cut, it is yours!

You will need 4 to 5 yards for your tree. If you have sewing skills, make sure you buy matching thread.

If you are going to do sewing, pre-wash the fabric, then hem under the edges of the fabric. otherwise, carefully cut away any lose threads, or perhaps trim the edges with pinking shears (scissors with the zigzag cut) if the fabric is fraying badly.

When your tree is up, simply wrap the fabric around the base of the tree, folding under the ends and edges if you did not hem them.

If you are really on a budget, consider the fabric you have on-hand, such as a festive table cloth or even those snowman flannel sheets in your linen cupboard. Try them out and see what you think, you might find you already own a large piece of fabric that you'd love to see under the tree as your tree skirt!


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