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Things to Consider Before you Remodel a Kitchen

Are you planning to remodel your kitchen? If you have started the planning process, you probably realize what a huge undertaking that is. And if you are just in the "thinking about it" stage, be prepared! Here are some things to consider before taking the leap into kitchen remodeling.

  • Is this for resale value? Before you start, discuss with a realtor to get a fair idea of how much a new kitchen will increase the value versus how much that new kitchen will cost. While sometimes the value is much greater than the cost, but other times you just will not be able to recoup the investment.
  • How will you refinance? Remortgage? Home equity loan? Credit loan through a building supply company?
  • Up to date? Make sure you aren't making your new kitchen look dated from the get go. Sure, forest green kitchens were the rage a few years back, but if you do it today, it will look old, even though it is new.
  • Trends? You want to avoid the fad trends while keeping the look up to date. This means you will also want to be up on the latest ideas of what's hot and what's not in kitchen decor.
  • Food safety. Did you know some types of countertops are naturally antibacterial? Do you know what the latest on butcher blocks is for food safety?
  • Set your goals first. Why do you want a new kitchen? Just to look more up to date or to meet certain things that makes the current kitchen impractical, such as layout or lighting.
  • Adding/Removing space. Are you reclaiming the dining room to make a larger kitchen? Or make the kitchen smaller to add a breakfast nook?
  • Size of appliances vs size of kitchen. Sure that super wide side-by-side fridge/freezer looks hot, but are you willing to sacrifice cupboard or living space for it?

These are all things to keep in mind while planning a kitchen remodel. Need help? Learn how to design your kitchen plan online for free!


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