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Making an inexpensive faux headboard

If you have a small bedroom and can't afford a proper headboard, you can easily make one yourself by painting a faux headboard on your wall. It looks sharp and if anyone peeks in your bedroom they will see it as a great decor feature instead of it being what it is - an inexpensive replacement until you can afford a real one!

White high gloss interior paint (read about different paint sheens)
Blue painters tape
Paint brush & roller

Note: If your walls are already white, select a darker color that coordinates with your carpet or bedding.

Measure the width of your bed, and add about 8-10 inches so the painted headboard is a few inches larger on either side of the bed. Prepare the walls for painting (instructions here) then use the painters tape to mark off the area you will be painting. Use a level to ensure your lines are straight before you paint, you don't want to finish and then discover it is uneven or crooked!

Start painting, using the brush for the edges, and the roller for the larger area inside the taped lines. Yes, paint in the entire area, including what is hidden by the mattress. That way incase you replace the bed with one that is slightly lower, you won't have to repaint it later.

Apply the first coat, allow to dry and then use a second coat. If your walls are darker, you may need a third coat.

Ideas: Throw some irridescent glitter into the paint before mixing your second coat to add a bit of extra shine, especially great in your daughter's room!

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