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Hide your messy bulletin boards

Bulletin boards are a great catch-all for all kinds of things - birthday party invitations, tickets, school notices, reminders, appointment reminder cards - basically important paperwork you know you will be needing soon, so cannot file away or throw in the recycling box yet. But they tend to look really messy, and you might not want any guests to see all the items you have posted up. But you also want it to be conveniently accessible on a moments notice, so hiding it away in a home office isn't always the best solution.

One great solution for your bulletin board mess is to hide it inside a cupboard door in your kitchen. Most cupboards have a gap between the shelving and the door, meaning there is space for you to add a bulletin board to the inside of the cupboard door and tack up any items you need. Measure the inside of the door so you know the size of the board that will fit. If it is an odd size, you can also go to a building supply store and have them cut a piece of bulk cork of the right size (remember to leave an inch or so gap on each side) that you can afix to the inside of the door

You need to be careful securing things to the back of the door - you don't want to accidentily drill holes through the door that will be seen on the outside of the door! Make sure you check the depth of the door before drilling. But an easier way to do it is to use double sided tape to secure it on the back side of the door.

You will also want to use flat head tacks to secure items, rather than the tacks that have a 1/4" head on them, as they may collide with the shelves inside.

Do you need more space? Add them to the inside of more than one cupboard.


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