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Budget Home Decor Tips

Just because you have a limited home decor budget doesn't mean your house has to look it. Moms Budget has plenty of advice to decorate on a budget while looking great.

Don't have enough matching napkin rings for your guests? Make them easily!
Using this trick, you will never have a drawer full of placemats again!
Never buy an expensive paint tray again
Here is a trick to hide those messy bulletin boards in your house.
Mirrored or wooden, hinged or sliding?
Do you know that closets should only be painted white? Here's why.
You can easily update your kitchen with this do it yourself backsplash
Do you know what goes into a kitchen remodel? Here are all the things to consider!
Don't buy an expensive program or hire someone, plan your kitchen for free online.
Gone crazy trying to get those creases out? Here is how to do it right
Did you buy something with suction cups but they keep unsticking? Here's help
Make a board for under $20 rather than spending $100+ at the store
Make sure your bathroom is safe enough for little ones
Before you get rid of all the furniture, consider this inexpensive trick to makeover
Easily change the accents in your living room to better suit the weather outside
Creating a cosy space for your child to read and play in
Using miniature furniture is so trendy, should you too?
How to chose between the different paint finishes
What to do to your walls before painting so you get the best results
Make your own duvet cover for much less than buying one in the store
Replace your shabby cabinet doors by making trendy fabric door coverings!
Keeping your garden flowers fresh once you cut them for the house
Create space and storage by making an island for your kitchen
Allergies? Carpeted bathrooms could be to blame Feel like you're living in a cave? Here's how to brighten up those dark rooms Do you have some metal patio furniture that is looking old? Repaint it! Give your patio furniture a good spring cleaning for the new year Are you the neighborhood BBQ hostess? Prevent stains on your patio table. Dress up your inexpensive furniture with these simple tips How to fix carpet that has been burned Save money by painting your radiators Easy instructions to paint clouds on the bedroom ceiling How to choose ceramic tiles without costing an arm and a leg One thing you can do to freshen up your rooms without spending an arm and a leg You hate your wallpaper, here is how to paint over it without having to remove it. Here is how to remove the smell of paint from your hands after painting. Never end up with an area rug too big or too small from what you envisioned again If you can't paint or leave holes, dress up your house with fabric walls Make your kitchen yours while keeping the landlord happy Don't end up with too little or too much wall paper for your house. Create your own artwork with personal photographs
Turn your favorite photos into works of art
A simple trick to give the illusion of a larger room
Repainting is a great inexpensive wayt to spruce up the look of your tired kitchen
There are many free patterns for cross stitching if you know where to look.


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