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What color to paint walk-in closets

Many people make the mistake of painting their walk in closets the same color as their bedrooms. While in an empty house, that lavender or taupe walk-in closet will match the trendy color you painted the bedroom. But when it comes to practicality of actually using that walk-in closets, you will quickly discover that a walk-in closet painted in a shade other than white is a big mistake. Here is why you should paint your walk-in closets white.

Walk in closets rarely have windows in them, so you rarely get the benefit of natural light. There is usually a single light bulb fixture, so you don't have a lot of light. So white walls will reflect light much better than any darker shade of wall color.

Painted walls also can make clothing look different colors than what they really are. Have you noticed most clothing stores have bright lights and white walls? They want to make sure that the color you see is really the color it is. They don't want their customers to discover the green shirt they bought is actually a much different shade of green because it mixed with the light reflected from purple walls. So white walls won't contaminate the true shade of any clothes.

White walls also make a room seem larger - and most women want their closets to seem bigger, and not smaller like darker wall color will make it seem.

Ideally, you want to always paint any closets white for all these reasons - seem bigger, brighter and reflect the true color of your clothing.

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