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Creating a safe kid's bathroom

If your kids are forunate enough to be able to have their own bathroom, there are definitely some safety tips to keep in mind when you set about child proofing and creating a safe haven for your kids. Here are some things to do:

No skids
Have no skid decals added to the bottom of the tub to prevent accidental slips, especially if your children shower in the bathtub.

Clear shower certain
Instead of a solid print shower curtain, select one that is clear with a pattern or design on it. This will allow you to keep your eye on your kids through the curtain without having to poke your head around the curtain each time you want to make sure they really are shampooing their hair like you asked!

Faucet cover
Protect your kid's heads from any accidental bangs by using a faucet over over the faucet.

Plug covers
Even though plugs in bathrooms are safety ones, younger kids can still try to poke the nail clippers into the prong holes. So use covers on the plugs to be on the safe side.

Safety latches
Do you need a latch on the toilet? Or cabinet counter? If your older child objects, ask her if she really wants her three year old sister dropping her lip gloss in the toilet or trying it on. Chances are the tune will change fast!

If you have older and younger kids sharing the bathroom, you might want to compromise. Let your ten year old pick out the dinosaur or alien faucet cover rather than allow your two year old to pick out a Barney faucet cover. Likewise, let your older child choose the shower curtain, ensuring it is transparent enough. This will help prevent your older child from feeling that the bathroom is too babyish.


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