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How much wallpaper do you need to buy?

One of the main reasons why more people don't install wallpaper seems to be the concern that you will either order too much or too little, and be left with a major problem. After all, if you find the perfect wallpaper on clearance because it has been discontinued, what if that 4 rolls isn't enough to wallpaper the living room?

And even if it is wallpaper you will be able to order, you still want to be sure you have enough wallpaper to complete the job. First, there is the issue that you will then need to wait for your new wallpaper order to come in. But there is also the worry that your re-order could come in from a different lot number - meaning a very slight, but usually obvious, color change in the paper. However, you don't want to order too much and end up with six rolls left over either, because many stores will not accept wall paper returns when it has been ordered in.

Here is the guideline for a standard room, so you can determine the adjusted square footage for ordering wallpaper.

First, you want to multiply the width by the length of your room. If your room is 10x12, that would be 120 square feet.

For each standard-sized door in your room, subtract 21 square feet.

For each standard window, subtract 15 square feet.

If there are closets you do not plan on wallpapering, measure the height and width of your closet doors, multiple, and then subtract that square footage from your total. You can do the same for any built in fixtures in the room (such as a built in entertainment center).

When you order, be sure to let them know this is the adjusted square footage, which means you have taken into account the windows and doors in the room.


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