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How to remove a broken lightbulb

When a light bulb is broken, such as when a lamp gets dropped or a stray ball hits the lightbulb, it can be a pain to remove it. In fact, many people don't know how to remove it so they leave it. Fortunately, it is relatively simple to remove a broken lightbub, even when it is only the base remaining.

What do you need? A pair of gloves and a potato!

Chose a potato that is a size you can grasp easily, then cut it in half.

You need to cut the power supply to the light bulb. If it is a lamp, you can simply unplug it. But if it is a lightbulb that is attached to a regular lightswitch, you will need to either cut the breaker that supplies the power to that part of the house, or better, cut the power supply to the entire house. Simply go to your electrical panel and flip the switch that supplies power to the entire house.

Using gloves, push the cut end of the potato onto the broken lightbulb until it feels secure. Then slowly turn the potato, ensuring that the bulb is turning too. If only the potato is turning, reposition it so that the potato is able to grib the broken bulb enough to turn it.

Now unscrew the lightbulb completely, and dispose of the potato (with the bulb inside it) into the garbage, wrapping it in newspaper or placing it in cardboard if any broken glass is still exposed.

Check the socket to make sure the potato didn't leave any moisture in it before you put a new lightbulb into the socket.


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