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Is homeschooling right for you?

How can you know if homeschooling is for you? There are several things to consider if you are thinking about teaching your child at home rather than sending him or her to a public, private, or charter school.

Do you genuinely enjoy spending time with your child? If not, you are probably not a good candidate for homeschooling. When you homeschool, you will be spending a significant portion of your time with your child. Do you feel you could do this, or can you see your child getting on your nerves after the 10th consecutive day together without a break?

Are you educated enough to teach your child? You don't need to have an education degree, but you should know the educational basics for teaching your child. Basic reading, math skills and an understanding of science, geography and history. And you need to be willing to upgrade your skills or do your own research on topics you may be unfamiliar with. And you will need to have time set aside to do this outside of your regular homeschooling time.

Be willing to get out and socialize your child with other children of a similar age. Some homeschooled children do not spend social time, so it is imperative they participate in activities outside the home with similarly aged children, whether it be dance classes or sporting teams.

If you feel you can do homeschooling, your next step will be to contact your state or province to find out the homeschooling requirements you will need to meet.



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