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Do You Need All The Phone Extras?

Did you know that adding call display, call waiting and three-way calling can significantly increase the amount of your phone bill each month. But many people do not realize exactly how much can be saved.

Because phone companies use a practice known as bundling, it means you pay a set price for a set of telephone features. That way, when you look at the bill, you don't see how much money you could save by turning off things such as call display or call waiting. And obviously keeping you from seeing the difference in service prices means you are less likely to turn those extra features off what you are looking at ways to reduce your household budget.

How much money could you save? You may be able to find out the answer right on your phone company's web site. But often, if you phone your phone company directly, you may find they offer you a special rate for keeping some or all of the features. So if you don't really use any of the features but would still like to keep call display, they may entice you with paying only a minimal amount extra a month for that single feature over the standard quoted phone rate without any features at all.

What if you have a teenager in the house that doesn't want to lose these features? Once you find out the difference, offer a deal where you will take that difference out of his or her allowance. Then you will quickly learn if that feature is really that important to your teen.


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