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22 Sandwiches for Kid's Lunches That Don't Use Deli Meat

If you live in Canada, chances are pretty good when your kids go back to school this year, they will be having a deli-meat-free lunch, due to the massive recall of luncheon deli meats. And many more parents are concerned about deli meat because of the sodium nitrates used, not to mention the fact that there are many healthier alternatives to the traditional bologna or ham slices that so many parents rely on.

So here are 22 sandwiches for your kid's lunches that use no deli meat.. that means you have an entire month's worth of sandwiches! None of these sandwiches use any nut products, since they are banned in most schools today.

  1. Grilled cheese sandwiches, send with a small container of ketchup. Most kids don't care if they are hot or cold.
  2. Avocado & cream cheese sandwiches.
  3. Pesto, cream cheese & cheddar cheese bagel sandwich
  4. Vegetarian "Tuna" Salad sandwich (made with garbanzo beans)
  5. Bagel pizzas (but skip the meat and use more veggies such as mushrooms and peppers instead). This is a freezer recipe, so you can make them ahead of time by the dozens!)
  6. Egg salad
  7. Tomato & cheese (send tomatoes in a ziploc or container for your child to put on the sandwich at lunchtime
  8. Money's veggie burger (or any veggie burger) with lettuce on a hamburger bun.
  9. Tuna sandwich
  10. Jam & cream cheese sandwich
  11. Ham Kebobs with Cheese (use leftover ham, cut into cubes with cheese cubes)
  12. Turkey Kebobs with Cheese (use leftover turkey, cut into cubes with cheese cubes)
  13. Veggie bagel sandwich with lettuce, green pepper, cucumber and tomato (tomatoes do not make most bagels soggy by lunchtime, especially when placed between to pieces of lettuce).
  14. Various cheese sandwiches. If you usually do cheddar, why not send a Swiss cheese, Havarti or Gouda cheese sandwich instead.
  15. Salmon bagel sandwich (using canned salmon)
  16. Chicken salad sandwich (using canned chicken)
  17. Roast ham sandwich (using leftover ham from the previous night's dinner)
  18. Mock chicken salad (using meat-free Tofu chicken product such as Worthington's Chicketts)
  19. Breadsticks with dip (such as hummus)
  20. Scone with cream cheese and jam
  21. Sandwich on a stick
  22. Chicken salad focaccia sandwich

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