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Can you use regular laundry detergent in a high efficiency washing machine?

When you buy a high-efficiency washing machine, they recommend you use special laundry detergent specifically designed for high-efficiency washing machines, usually identified by the special HE logo. But can you use your regular detergent in your washing machine instead?

These front little washing machines require you to use laundry detergents that are low sudsing. And unfortunately, regular laundry detergents produce too many suds, even when you use them in smaller amounts. And using a small enough amount to reduce the sudsing, can result in your clothes not getting as clean as they should be.

If money is an issue and you still have leftover regular detergent left, use it in tiny amounts. But do be aware that your clothes will probably not be as clean as you expect them to get.

Looking for an environmental alternative? Often the organic or earth friendly laundry detergents don't suds up as much as the regular commercial brands, so you may find that you can use your favorite earth friendly brand. And there are now some high-efficiency environmental options available for laundry detergents now. If your favorite health foods type store does not carry them, ask them if they can bring some in, or simply order online.

Is your machine brand-new? You might actually want to do the first few loads of laundry without any detergent is all. Many of the commercial detergents leave laundry detergent residue within your clothing, and often has enough residue to wash for the next time you want your those clothes.


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