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Laundry Tips to Save Money

Make your bedding smell with the relaxing scent of lavender
For those who prefer non-floral linen sprays
How can you hang clothes to dry when you don't have the room for a rack
Stop laundry chaos by making lajundry hamper use easier for your kids
Make your own instead of buying the expensive spray in the store
How to remove those noticeable rust stains from clothes
Even though the lint screen looks clean it can add minutes to the time it takes to dry clothes
Need to quickly get rid of the scent of cigarette smoke or the dinner you cooked?
Keep your washcloths from looking dingy with old mascara
How to get that uniform clean once again
Save on your hot water bill by following these tips to wash whites in cold.
Believe it or not, most sneakers can go in the wash!
You can save plenty of money depending on your washing machine by using cold water
If you have teenage sons, get your stinky laundry hamper smelling clean
Removal tips to get out those pesky ink stains from your shirts or clothing
Learn how to keep those bright shirts from fading in the laundry
Mom lessons in removing crayon stains from clothing before they are ruined
If you have teenage sons, get your stinky laundry hamper smelling clean
How to get grass stains out of the knees of your child's pants
How to remove pesky mascara stains
Do you really need to use the special HE laundry detergent?
Do you need to use warm and hot water?
Why you shouldn't add it right at the start of the cycle
Can you stuff as many clothes in as will fit?
Keep your funky smelling shoes smelling fresh
Don't pay for drycleaning unless you really have to.
If you have accidentily shrunk a wool sweater, here's how to return it to the right size
How to remove diaper rash creams such as Zincofax and Desitin from clothes
Remove that accidently spilled coffee or espresso from your clothing
How often have you washed a favorite black shirt only to still see white marks?
How to wash corduroy pants to keep them looking new
How you can keep your cords from fading and pilling
Color coding bath towels to save money
Skip that extra load of towels laundry each week with this simple tip
Nothing is more annoying than buying that trendy pair of jeans only to see them fade
Getting the job done with less than you need
Your kids will love you for this fast and easy goop recipe.
What to do when the inevitable gum stickiness happens


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