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Getting your family to use laundry hampers

Laundry hampers are useless if your family doesn't use them, meaning laundry time is that much more work when you have to hunt your kids room for dirty clothes hiding in closets, under beds or even just in chaos that is your child's bedroom floor. So what can you do to make laundry time faster and easier?

First, why isn't your family using hampers? Usually because they are inconveniently located. Is the hamper hiding in corner of a closet? Only in the laundry room?

For your kids room, don't hide the hamper in the closet - chances are good your child's closet has become a dumping ground for a ton of toys, clothes, old school. papers. And let's face it, the doors probably don't open very easily with all the clutter. Instead, make sure the hamper is in plain site with easy access.

Make the laundry hamper fun. Match the hamper to the decor in the room. For your eight year old sun, maybe a hamper with a basket ball hoop above it might make it fun. Or maybe your teenage daughter wants it disguised as something that doesn't look like a traditional hamper.

Add hampers in other places your family removes clothes. Adding a hamper in the bathroom means you won't find pajamas and underwear on the bathroom floor. If you have a mudroom where you make your kids strip off their muddy soccer uniforms, add a hamper there too.

Add special hampers for extra dirty or clothes that need gentle washing or hanging to dry. This will help if your teenage daughter wants to make sure her new silk shirt or fancy sweater doesn't end up getting ruined in the wash.


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