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Planning perfect kid's birthday parties

Every mom wants the perfect party for their child when it comes to birthdays. But seldom are they pulled off as well as is envisioned. So here are some tips to help you figure out how to host the best birthday party ever, while keeping your sanity!

Usually simple parties are the best, both because there are less things to go wrong and because it is less stressful for both you and the birthday boy or girl. Don't go overboard or to extravagant, especially when a simpler party planned well will turn out even better.

Too many guests
Don't invite too many people. For kids, you should plan to have about as many as their age, and up to half the amount more. So a six year old could have six to nine guests while an eight year old could have eight to twelve. And don't forget that if it is a sleepover party, a good number is about half their age... so a 8 year old could handle about four sleepover guests.

Just because you want your eight year old to have a princess party doesn't mean that is what your eight year old actually wants. Include your child in the planning, particularly the theme, so you know they will be happy with what you choose!

, a three hour birthday party seems like a long time, but parents will be arriving for pick up before you know it. Make sure you have a set schedule (pizza at four, cake at four thirty) so if you fall behind you can help get it back on track.

Make sure your child knows what kind of behavior you are expecting, because sometimes kids feel that because it is their birthday that exceptions apply. Be sure to lay out ground rules to the kids when they arrive so that when issues arise, they will be aware of what is and isn't acceptable behaviour.

Does your sister-in-law expect that her daughter be invited, even though your own daughter barely knows her? It can be easier to host two parties, one for your child's friends and another for family members, so that there aren't any issues that arise from family members expecting an invite to your child's school friends party.

You can definitely have a perfect birthday party, but some planning and foresight can definitely help make a so-so party into a fantastic one.


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