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Building your child's self esteem

Parents play a crucial role in building their children's self esteem There is no one they want to impress more than their parents, and it is up to you to praise them for their successes and encourage them with their shortcomings.

Try not to impress negativety on your child. Some say that a child's self esteem drops each time a parent says a single negative thing directed at the child.

Praise your child's efforts no matter how small they seem. Did she turn off the TV at 7PM without being asked? Praise her for it.

Does she always make her lunch for school without being asked? Take a moment to let her know how proud you are of her for doing it so well.

Does she forget her lunch one day and asks you to bring it? Don't complain that she forgot it, instead say that you are pleased that she does such a good job of remembering most of the time.

If your child is trying out for a team or group, don't place more pressure on her that she "has to" make it "or else". This can cause even more stress on your child (you can be certain she is already scared about making the team already) and she will feel a deep sense of failure should she not succeed. Instead, be clear that you are proud that she is taking the challenge of trying out, regardless of whether she wins or loses.

Just following simple steps such as these will help build your child's self esteem each and everyday.


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