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Potty training during vacations

It is bound to happen. You are progressing perfectly in potty training your toddler, when your long-planned and long-awaited family vacation comes along. Should you put potty training on hold while you are away? Or should you continue on like nothing has happened?

The answer is simple - continue on your potty training plan as scheduled, except take it on the road instead. You may have to make some slight adjustments to your holiday game plan, but there is no reason why potty training and holidays cannot co-exist happily, as long as your child is willing.

Regardless of where you are, you will want to stick to the same potty training routine you have developed at home. Does she go potty as soon as she gets up from sleeping or napping? Does she sit on the potty for 10 minutes after a meal? Be sure to follow through with these steps too.

If your child uses a portable potty, consider bringing it along for use in the hotel. They will be much more comfortable on their own potty. If it isn't possible, get your child used to a regular toilet, and bring along a potty seat. Once accidental fall into the toilet on a too-big seat could cause your child to be afraid of the toilet. You can even purchase a folding travel potty seat that you can put into a ziploc bag and can easily slip into the diaper bag or a large purse.

It may take your child longer to "go" than usual. This is because some children just aren't as comfortable going to the bathroom in strange places, or may not want to use the potty at all. Just continue to have your child sit on the potty and be encouraging.

Even if potty training on the go doesn't go nearly as perfectly as you planned, chances are your toddler will step right back into the usual routine once back at home and in his or her comfortable surroundings.


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