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Party time on a budget
How to pull off that perfect holiday party everone will love attending.
Tiny house but more friends? Tips to maximize the space and the guest list
Create themed parties without spending an arm and a leg
Host one of these trendry wine tasting parties without spending a lot of money
Keep costs down by having a potluck party instead
Why spend money when you can make it yourself with a little discipline?
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Not sure if you are serving wine too warm or too cold?
What you can use as a makeshift martini shaker in a pinch
How to prevent serving wine with bits of cork floating in it
What you can do to lessen your morning after hangover
From corkscrews to martini shakers, here is what you need for your home bar
Here is how much ice you need per person for your next party so you don't run out
How you should do RSVPs on party invites so you don't end up with not enough guests
Make sure you have the right mixers for your next party
How to wash your stemware after your party
Tips for hosting the perfect summertime BBQs this Fourth of July
When is the right time to raise your glass in toast at a dinner party?
From apple slices to martini olives, this list has got you covered.
Get your home bar ready for the next dinner party or get together with our list.
How to salt margarita glasses like a pro.
Don't let a too small living room prevent you from hosting a party. Maximize the space
Chilled martini glasses can make a difference between a good martini and a great one.
Don't be stuck washing glasses at your own party - get the number of glasses you need.
Wrap your gifts inexpensively while putting your child's art skills to good use.
An easy way to prevent candle drips during your next dinner party
Keep your liquor costs down while still serving your guests.


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