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Save money by clipping your pet's nails yourself

Many people are nervous about cutting their own pets nails, even though dogs and cats with nails that are too long can cause problems, not to mention the cost associated with it if you have to pay someone to do it when needed. Fortunately it is quite easy to do it yourself, once you learn how.

First, buy nail clippers their specific to your pet. Do not use cat nail clippers on your dog or vice versa. Also, look for clippers that come with a special nail guard, so you cannot cut off too much nail at a time, which is what most people are worried most about.

Make your pet comfortable with having her paws touched. Some pets are extremely sensitive, but if you make a point of touching them during a regular routine when you pet them, they will become less skittish about having their paws touched.

Leave the nail clippers out and about, so that they aren't something new and strange you are suddenly approaching them with.

If you are nervous the first time you clip your pet's nails, practice by just clipping the very tips. That way, you don't need to worry about cutting off too much and clipping the vein, and you also get your pet used to the experience. And soonthey will begin to think of it is no big deal to have done.

Also, don't be scared to ask your pet or groomer to show you how they clipped your pet snails. They are the best people to train you, especially on how they clip your specific pet. if you use their technique, your pet will tolerate the experience much better.


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